Event: Mapping for Local Government and the Public Sector

Event: Mapping for Local Government and the Public Sector


There has been an explosion in the number of companies using mapping to help reduce costs, increase productivity and enable interaction. Local governments and public sector organisations are no exception to the rule with police forces, councils and health services all using mapping to help them:

·         Analyse, interpret and display data such as crime statistics and health data.

·         Track assets and resources.

·         Share information to create satisfied local communities.


With our Bing Maps for Enterprise platform (formerly Virtual Earth) Microsoft is providing the technology behind many of these applications.


The Bing Maps team has organised two events, one at Reading and one in Leeds for some of our partners to showcase applications they have built for real life customers within this segment. The events will also feature a technical session, run by Johannes Kebeck, to really help with the nuts and bolts of using the platform. This will include integrating with SharePoint, CRM and existing GIS solutions as well as the management of additional datasets such as Ordnance Survey data.  If all of that is not enough for you, the events are totally free and will include lunch.


For more information and to register please follow the links below:



8th  September 2009 (Leeds, UK)

8th  October (Reading, UK)


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