Windows for Submarines Part 2

My original blog posting on Windows for Submarines seems to have caused a bit of a stramash in the blogsphere.  The comments vary from Victor Meldrew ‘I don’t believe it’ incredulity about the potential for the blue screen of death (that’s the way the commentators put it, not me) to the recognition that it makes sense to use commercial off-the-shelf software where it is fit for purpose and cost-effective.

As I indicated in the original blog posting, Windows for Submarines is one of many project areas where the UK MOD has the opportunity to input to the features and functionality of Microsoft products through close interaction with the relevant product development teams.

Another relatively recent example is the collaborative work between the MOD and Microsoft to improve the communications efficiency and reliability of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista via satellite communications from locations where troops are deployed. These are typically remote locations such as Iraq and Afghanistan where ‘normal’ networking infrastructure simply does not exist or is woefully inadequate and the only reliable network is satellite-based. All applications need to operate efficiently to minimise the risk of slowing down performance and also helping to reduce satellite transmission costs.

So contrary to the commentators who refer to the Royal Navy and BAE Systems working with Microsoft as ‘welcome to the dark side’, I hope this update helps to clarify that Windows for Submarines is not a one-off but part of a coherent and long-term programme of joint-engagement between Microsoft and strategic Public Sector customers such as the UK MOD.

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  1. Zeke says:

    Maybe the reason why is because Microsoft is nothing but a freaking monopoly. Remember when the they install the garbage on a Navy ship and it crashes and had to be towed back?

    Linux, Unit is far more secure than Windows would ever dream of. And just because Linux is GPL. Doesn’t mean whatever you write using a programming language has to be GPL. There are quite a few propertary applications on Unix, Linux.

    Vista was a horrible desktop, slow and buggy. Microsoft couldn’t even realise that they should dropped 32bit support with it. Since 32bit is going down the drain. And Linux, Unix is being used by alot more government agencies now. Surprised that Microsoft is losing its support with other government because it is LESS secure than counterpart of it?

    And of course this is a Microsoft blog. They will say whatever they want because all of it is a biased bullshit. And yes they are out for the money. No wonder so many people pirate Windows. And the reason why people are still using Windows. It’s not because of the normal, it’s because they haven’t been introduced to something better.

    Why you think alot more people are switching to Firefox over Internet Explorer. Because stupid arse Microsoft won’t drop the stupid Active Xploit from it. And won’t fix its damn browser to run 100% of the web standards. IE7 only did 12/100 on the Acid3 test while Firefox 3.1 beta 2 did 93/100. Come on Microsoft quit with all this bullshit and actually contribute to the world. Or you’ll end up being more like something in the past in years to come.

  2. John says:

    So I am not sure what you are trying to "clear up" with this post. It’s like saying "we put Windows on submarines now", and when even is yelling about this as a genuinely bad thing you add "we are putting Windows on other things too!"


    Well I can tell you one place where Windows isn’t going: my computer.

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