National Indicator 14 and Monty Python

I accept that the link I am about to make is bit tenuous but bear with me.  In the musical, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, there is a wonderful song and dance routine about the Black Death where one of the victims sings a sprightly version of ‘I’m not dead yet...’

Which brings me to the apocryphal story of the citizen who needed to contact 42 different government agencies to notify a bereavement. One of the key ambitions of the transformational government agenda is encapsulated by National Indicator 14 (NI14) – to reduce the amount of avoidable contact between citizens and government.  Every citizen has the expectation that the comparatively straightforward task of notifying public agencies of a bereavement, for example, should require a single contact to inform a range of agencies.

NI14 is at the heart of improving the efficiency of online government services and citizen satisfaction with their personal experience of doing business with government online. The Royal Borough of Kingston-on-Thames is one local authority that has grasped this thorny nettle and deployed a citizen relationship management (CRM) solution to manage the requirements for 160,000 residents and over 500 disparate local authority services with 80% first-contact resolution.

Now, I cannot vouch if the Royal Borough of Kingston-on-Thames Microsoft CRM solution to help address the NI14 challenge also covers the case of dead parrots nailed to perches ... but that leads us to another classic Monty Python moment.

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