How many devices does one user need?

I came across an interesting observation from Helen Ghosh, DEFRA Permanent Secretary, about the department’s renew IT programme, “One of the things we are doing through our Renew IT Programme is to reduce the number of pieces of IT equipment which any individual can have. I will feel this very much myself because at the moment I have a fixed PC in the office, a laptop I use at home and a BlackBerry, and in the new world I will be able to have one item, which is a laptop which I shall carry.”

It is extraordinary how we have all come to rely on multiple devices to stay in touch in the increasingly inter-connected world. And, hands up who has not encountered difficulties in synchronising information between their PC (laptop or desktop), PDA and mobile phone?

One question springs to mind relating to the DEFRA strategy for their Renew IT programme – is it too late?  Trying to restrict the number of connected devices that users need/want* may be a laudable aspiration in terms of reducing the carbon footprint of individual IT users but is it now akin to King Canute instructing the tide to turn back?

Your thoughts...

*delete as applicable

Posted by Ian

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  1. Paul Clarke says:

    Helen will be fitting a GSM card to her laptop and crouching over it to make calls then? Thought not. The hand-held device will always be needed. And in time is likely to win out over the semi-portability of the laptop.

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