Saving Power with Windows Server 2008

1.2 billion kilowatt hours per year or, to look at it another way, 0.8% of worldwide energy consumption.  That is the estimate for the amount of electricity consumed by computer servers and the cost of that electricity has increased by more than 41% (double the rate of inflation) between 2000-2007.

These are just some of the startling facts in a fascinating white paper on Saving Power with Windows Server 2008 that is well worth reading.  Most organisations are actively exploring and implementing plans to consolidate datacentres, virtualise server environments and generally reduce the energy costs of running their computing infrastructure.  The white paper explains how Windows Server 2008 delivers 10% power savings out of the box when compared with Windows Server 2003 and is capable of delivering more savings with optimisation.

The white paper is one of a series of useful tools and information resources that you can get from the Microsoft environment site. 

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