Update your skills with our new Digital Literacy curriculum

Today we've launched the latest version of our Digital Literacy curriculum in partnership with learndirect, UK online centres and OCR (Oxford and Cambridge RSA Examinations). Designed to help out those who feel that their basic computer skills need improving, which according to statistics from a recent ICM survey carried out on our behalf is 47% of all adults in the UK, the curriculum also delivers 30% of the Skills for Life numeracy requirements and 25% of the literacy. The same survey revealed that almost a third of adults feel they have no (13%) or poor (18%) computers skills and 12% feel excluded as a result of ineffective computer skills, while one in six workers say they lack the IT skills needed to do their jobs properly.

These issues will be discussed at today's launch event in Westminster, which will be attended by David Lammy MP, the Minister for Skills, and it is hoped that the Digital Literacy curriculum can help to improve these statistics and provide people with the skills they need to succeed in today's digital world.

The curriculum covers the following 5 modules:

  • Computer basics - covers the fundamentals of computing and explores how to use basic operating systems

  • The Internet - reveals the ins and outs of life online - how to browse web pages, navigate web sites, use search engine and send emails

  • Productivity programmes - teaches the basics of word processing, using spreadsheets, creating presentations and managing databases to use in business, at home and in education

  • Digital lifestyles - shows how to use digital technologies to manage music, photos and videos

  • Computer security and privacy - explains the risks and threats associated with the digital world and shows how to protect yourself and prevent them

Available to complete online, the course can also be completed with tutor support at a learndirect or UK online centre and prepares people to take a recognised qualification with OCR, so serves as a stepping stone to more advanced IT skills training. So if you, or someone you know, need to improve your digital skills, visit the Digital Literacy curriculum web site to find out more, access the course modules or find a course provider in your local area.

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