St George’s Day

I will admit it - I am Scottish so tend to put my celebratory energies into St. Andrew’s Day (November 30th) rather than St. George’s Day.

Did your town hall or government building proudly fly the flag of St. George? Being a citizen of the UK involves being part of a multicultural community with many different  customs, celebrations and languages. In terms of languages the most recent data I can find indicates that local authorities, criminal justice organisations and government departments spend more than £100 million a year on translation services.

One of Microsoft’s hidden FREE resources is our local language versions of Windows XP, Vista and Office. The free versions take the form of language interface packs (LIP) and captions language interface packs (CLIPS). Whether you need Inuktitut (Canadian dialect of Inuit) ,Irish Gaelic, Welsh or a version of most spoken languages in the world  (I admit I could not find Esperanto) you can download a version here

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