Mornington Crescent

Fans of the Radio 4 comedy 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue' will be very familiar with the arcane rules of the panel game called 'Mornington Crescent'. To attempt to explain the rules here would take far too long so do read the brief synopsis here

Anyway, the reason I mention Mornington Crescent is because of this interesting study of the 300 most influential websites laid out on a map of the Tokyo subway system.  The location of each site on the subway map is indicative of the sites overall influence and personality...yes, web sites do have personalities as you will see when you read some of the profiles on this site. You can access a dynamic version of the map with active links to all the URLs here.

Now, the people that generated this map are based in Japan, which explains why it's based on the Tokyo subway rather than London Underground...and as far as I know the choice of subway map was not determined by over-running engineering works or leaves on the line.

Most of the sites are US-based but it is encouraging to see the prominence at the centre of the map of quality UK portals such as the BBC, the Economist and the Grauniad (sorry, Guardian!).

I'm sure you will come across some interesting sites here that you have never encountered before.

Posted by Ian

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  1. 1gl says:

    A few people have already found that appropriating the London map for this kind of re-working is likely to result in threats of legal action from Transport for London.

    See for example:

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