DEFRA and the Paperless Office

One of the major benefits of the late 20th century IT revolution was always meant to be the paperless office. However, as we all observed at the time, the explosion of personal computers in virtually every work environment meant the paper mountain seemed to grow rather than shrink.


The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has just deployed a document records management solution, based on Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server, which strongly suggests that the paperless office is now getting closer. DEFRA's intelligent use of shared workspaces for document storage and updating is making e-records management across virtual teams a reality. 


This is more than just a technology solution: as part of their solution design DEFRA also took the time to analyse their business processes and legal requirements for e-records management. Read the case study to find out the full story of how DEFRA are working smarter.


Posted by Ian

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  1. Neil Haddley says:

    Legal professionals, health professionals, public servants and others are benefiting from the combination of Microsoft’s SharePoint products and Dark Blue Duck’s Scanning Enabler™.

    Large organizations are using the Scanning Enabler™ with MOSS to extend their Enterprise Content Management and search capabilities. Small companies are using the Scanning Enabler™ to address challenges they face when swamped by incoming paperwork (especially when the business is geographically distributed).

    As a shrink wrapped product the Scanning Enabler is easy to install. With your experience please let us know how we could improve the product.

    Kind regards

    Neil Haddley

  2. I came across an interesting observation from Helen Ghosh, DEFRA Permanent Secretary, about the department’s

  3. Peter Raitt says:

    Blatant sales pitch Neil 😉 Are you back in the UK. Get me on LinkedIn or facebook.

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