The Microsoft Shared Learning Group for Local Government

About two years Microsoft helped to set up the Shared Learning Group (SLG) with 10 UK councils who were interested in working with us to identify how they could get the most out of their strategic investment in Microsoft technologies. A key aspect of the group was to look at common areas of interest and see whether the member councils could work together to develop best practise, reduce risk and cost by collaborating in these areas.

The group identified the following workstreams

  • Performance Management

  • Flexible Working

  • Children's Information Sharing Index

  • Integration - this one was particularly keen to look at how councils could shre the costs of developing BizTalk connectors

  • Identity Management

  • Collaborative Working

  • Technology in the Home

For each workstream one of the councils took on a lead role providing project management resources to help move the group forward. All of the councils could join multiple workstreams if they had an interest in that area and were able to commit the time to attend regular workstream meetings. However all the output would be available to all member councils and ultimately to any UK council through the provision of the Solution Sharing Network website - which has now been set up and which government people can join.  The SSN site is hosted by Newham here

The group now has 11 members and is funded primarily through a membership fee which pays for an external programme office function.

The current member of the SLG are

Derby City Council

Hampshire County Council

Isle of Man Council Government (Thanks for correction Andy!)

Kent County Council

London Borough of Bromley

London Borough of Lambeth

London Borough of Newham

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Sunderland City Council

Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council

Warwick District Council

I'll refer again to the SLG in a number of specific posts on various topics but thought it would be useful to give a quick intro first of all so it was clear what it was.

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  1. There's a big interest within Government around the potential to have many more of their employees

  2. There’s a big interest within Government around the potential to have many more of their employees working

  3. Great to see the blog up and running. Just a quick comment to remind that the Isle of Man is a "Government" rather than "Council". Many thanks.

  4. My thanks to my colleague, Ray Fleming, in the Microsoft Education team for keeping us posted on the

  5. Chasyb says:

    I’m not sure if this is a temporary ‘glitch’ but the SSN site link you included in the article is unavailable


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