An Introduction

This blog will try to provide news and commentary on topics that we at Microsoft think might be of interest to people working in UK Government who have some sort of interest in IT and how it can be used to hopefully improve the way that government works to interact with all of us.  It won't normally be a very technical blog as there are plenty of blogs or webpages around on technical stuff already. Instead we hope we can help highlight topics of more general interest or perhaps help to explain what some of the technical news might mean to less technical people.

We won't really be looking at topics for Education as there are already blogs for UK Schools, Further Education and Higher Education which have proven to be pretty popular: UK Schools, UK Further Education, UK Higher Education

If you work in the NHS then you'll find our NHS Resource Centre provides a wide range of information that will hopefully be of interest to you.

See the ABOUT link to find out who is posting to this blog.

In this instance it was Ellen!

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