Microsoft’s best kept secret for Higher Education

Recently, Premier teamed up with Microsoft Services to discuss Microsoft Premier Support and how it’s helped universities save money, simplify their deployments, and avoid costly downtime while helping students, faculty and staff to be more productive using Microsoft technologies. During that session we had a great discussion with London Southbank University and how they’ve utilised…


Cost saving with Microsoft System Center

I’ve just heard about another free event, on Friday 5th November, focused on cost saving with ICT. Although it isn’t specifically education focused, I think that there will be a lot of readers that would appreciate a whole day full of network management tools (oh, and a lot who could imagine nothing worse ). The…


An Education in ICT Efficiencies – a Dimension Data event on the 3rd November

Well, it seems that saving money’s and cutting costs is on the agenda. But talking about saving money with ICT, and actually doing it, can be two different things. For example, knowing that you should be virtualising your servers to reduce cost is fine, but it would be handy to have somebody explain how. If…


Getting started on cost saving–a practical seminar at Microsoft from Dimension Data

Dimension Data are running an event here at Microsoft HQ on 3rd November, which will provide practical steps to saving money with ICT. So the budget cuts have arrived or are heading our way (goodness knows what happens in next month’s budget). There have been various doom-laden forecasts of the impact of these cuts, but…


Freebie time – Desktop Virtualisation for dummies booklet

Let’s start by getting the jokes out of the way. Yes, the ‘…for Dummies’ books are my kind of books. And, No, that’s not me on the front cover. Now, that’s over with… I’ve got my hands on 30 copies of the ‘Desktop Virtualisation for Dummies’ booklet to give away. And, let’s face it, desktop…


Saving money – how to get started with server virtualisation

I’ve been writing quite a bit about examples of education establisments virtualising their servers, especially as it is one way to significantly reduce your college IT and energy spend. We published a case study on Leicester College on their virtualisation project earlier this year. As Paul Chapman, Head of Libraries and E-Strategy at the college…


Building Clouds – how to make a data centre more energy efficient

We have a team, called Microsoft Global Foundation Services, who have the job of building clouds. Or at least, building ‘the Cloud’ – they design, build, run and support our global data centres which are at the hub of all of our cloud services. In Europe, we have one in Ireland and one in Holland….


Saving money by effective power management

One of the hidden costs of ICT in education is the power usage of the equipment you’ve got around your college. I call it hidden because it is often not visible to the IT team, and the full energy costs of all of your servers and computers are simply part of the college’s overall electric…


Saving power on the go – getting your laptop battery to last all day

The beauty of saving power, is that you’re also saving money. And in the case of laptops, that applies to home use as well as use on campus. So there’s an incentive for staff to want to manage their power use more effectively. So maybe this article will be of use for your internal IT…