Nurturing Digital Skills in Further Education

Employability is a concern across the whole of education. For the further education and skills sector, however, it is key focus, a driver of strategy and a measure of overall performance. As a result, successful colleges make sure they are continuously aware of the qualities which employers look for in job-seekers.

Looking back to move forward: A process for whole-school transformation

As part of Microsoft’s mission to empower every educator and every student to achieve more, we have outlined both a framework and process to effectively help school leaders create whole school transformation. The Microsoft Education Transformation Process is a proven, comprehensive process that can help fast track system-wide transformation by summarizing decades of quality research.

MOS Championship UK Final 2016

The 2016 UK Final of the MOS World Championship was held on Wednesday June 15 at Microsoft UK’s Paddington Office in Central London. It was a fantastic day at Microsoft’s Showcase Classroom with the UK Finalists taking their UK Final MOS Exams and hearing from Microsoft, Certiport and Prodigy Learning representatives.

6 Exciting updates to the Microsoft Educator Community

We are excited to share with you some exciting updates to the Microsoft Educator Community. Over the past few months, we have seen growth in the number of educators using the community and we have been actively collecting feedback, making improvements, and are now introducing useful new features. These new features ensure a smoother, more intuitive experience.

From #TheFeed: “Choices” – by Student Ambassador Laura-Jane Ellard

How many times have you been to a family gathering and heard something along the lines of “Oh to be young again!” or “You don’t know how easy you have it!” OK, I admit that not paying rent or bills is nothing but a good thing, but I do think it is often underestimated just how much young people have to go through growing up in the 21st Century. There’s pressure to get good grades, perhaps go to university, get a good career, make friends and sometimes it can be extremely overwhelming.

Idea Man for Microsoft – the schoolboy who wanted to work at Microsoft and how we made it happen

“I want to be an Idea Man at Microsoft,” says 12-year-old Vlad Vitske as he sits in the company’s UK headquarters and plays with his new Surface Book. It’s 5.30pm and the schoolboy from Wales – by way of Siberia – has been here for more than eight hours. He hasn’t really eaten anything all day. But he doesn’t want to leave. In his words, he “loves” Microsoft.

Announcing OneNote Class Notebook Tools for Mac!

We’re excited to announce Class Notebook Tools for OneNote 2016 for Mac, which helps teachers work even more efficiently with their Class Notebooks—on the Mac platform some teachers already know and use. With this update, the Class Notebook tab is visible if you are teacher in a Class Notebook for which you have administrative rights. To set up a Class Notebook, visit

Minecraft: Education Edition Is Here!

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. Last week, the team at Minecraft announced the availability of early access for educators to Minecraft: Education Edition, and some of the key features found within this version of the application.

BBC micro:bit news – Owning your own ‘satellite’ just moved a step closer

Since the BBC micro:bit has been arriving in schools up and down the country, students and teachers have been embarking upon a huge range of STEM projects and coding activities inspired by the small, pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology. The following article was originally posted on the Microsoft News…