Learning Tools for OneNote – public preview available

Last week on the eve of BETT 2016 the OneNote team announced Learning Tools for OneNote, an add-in that improves the reading and writing experience for all students, and will be of particular use for students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.


As well as assisting the students who may struggle with reading and writing, Learning Tools for OneNote will be of immense value to teachers, and is a great example of inclusive design, building on solutions for people with learning differences while working for everyone and being non-stigmatising.

Available currently in public preview mode, Learning Tools for OneNote includes the following features:

  • Enhanced dictation - Improves authoring text.
  • Focus mode - Sustains attention and improves reading speed.
  • Immersive reading - Improves comprehension and sustains attention.
  • Font spacing and short lines - Improves reading speed by addressing “visual crowding.”
  • Parts of speech - Supports instruction and improves writing quality.
  • Syllabification - Improves word recognition.
  • Comprehension mode - Improves comprehension by an average of 10 percent.

Please refer to the post on the OneNote in Education blog for further details on the Learning Tools for OneNote.

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