How to Create a Newsletter in Sway – Microsoft Sway Video Tutorials (5/10)

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at a series of video tutorials for Sway, and so far we have explored what Sway is and how it can be used to make a tutorial and share a vacation - but it doesn't stop there. Another way that this app can help you to collaborate and share at school, at home or on the go, is through creating newsletters.

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Within any educational institution, communication and the ability to share information and updates is vital. Whether that be letting people know an event is coming up, sharing the success of students academically or otherwise, or perhaps just sharing recent news of what the school has been up to. Sway is great for creating an interactive, engaging newsletter that you can then easily distribute online, for all students, teachers and parents to access.


One example of how Sway has been used in this way is the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, a Seattle based non-profit organisation who provide free after school tutoring to students, along with numerous opportunities for creative writing and other exciting educational activities. As part of their work, they send out a bi-monthly newsletter to keep students and their parents updated on what has been going on. What's important is that, when creating their Sway, the staff can work together in editing and preparing the content, making the most of the app as a collaborative tool.

Within Sway you can use the simple features to create the newsletter in exactly the way you want. When creating a newsletter or brochure like this, it is important that it is engaging for the reader - which is why the ability to use a range of media in your Sway is a great tool. You can easily add text in different sections, while integrating images throughout as well. You can bring images in from your computer files or OneDrive, and then arrange them in a way that suits you, using the layout features such as slideshow or groups to enhance this experience for the viewer. Making use of the focus points tool also ensures that the important points of your photos aren't cropped or covered, making sure that your story is told exactly the way it was intended.

And the media is not just left at that! Sway is also compatible with SoundCloud and other music platforms, so it is easy to drop any songs or music that you want into your newsletter. You can then enhance the experience by supporting your messages with social media, sprinkling your Sway with tweets and posts brought in from other sites.

If you have combined all of this media to form great, engaging content, then the last thing you want is static data popped in amongst the fun! This is why the ability to embed interactive charts into your Sway makes it an even better tool for telling everyone about the progress the students are making, or recent OFSTED statistics, for example.

Once all this content is dropped in, the drag and drop editing makes creating an update quick and easy. One click interaction means you can create a Sway in a snap, and the speed and simplicity helps schools, universities, colleges and other organisations, such as Bureau Fearless Ideas, get the word out about what they are up to. Try creating a newsletter yourself at

Here is the Sway featured in the video, for the Art + Film institute:

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