Windows 10 Training Videos – Universal Apps

Consistency of experience is crucial within education. Ensuring that everyone within a class – including the teacher – is getting the same experience when using apps and software is vital to the smooth running of lessons, allowing everyone to progress with projects and work collaboratively.


Over the last couple of weeks we've been exploring some of the ways in which Windows 10 can be used by teachers and students as part of their class time and periods of personal or group study, through a series of videos presented by some members of our global network of expert educators.

In this tutorial video we discover the new, unified look and feel of Windows 10 apps with Maps, Photos, OneNote, and apps from the Windows Store. Having a consistent experience means teachers can focus less on teaching students how to use the technology, and more on creating highly engaging lessons.

We're back in the hands of Justin Talmadge, MIEE from the USA, as demonstrates how universal apps work within Windows 10:

If you’d like to take a further look at Windows 10, there are several other tutorial videos on the Microsoft in Education YouTube channel that you can watch.

You can also find more information about Windows 10 in Education on the Microsoft in Education blog.

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