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Ahead of the new academic year starting in September, we're pleased to be back with more news and resources from the MIE Minute Newsletter.

As always, we have the three shareable items that our MIE Experts will be circulating throughout their networks, and in addition to this we are excited to share details of the upcoming EduCast series. But first, we have this edition's question…


Our MIE Experts have been asked to share their ideas for the new school year via the #educhange hashtag, and we'd like to open this up to the wider education community. So please take to your social media accounts and tell the world what you plan to change within your teaching environment or activities this year.


Shareable items:


Make School Life Easier with Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the Classroom enables you to bring the entire world into your lessons through calls to experts, classes in other countries and more. But even when you’re not in the classroom, Skype has a lot of features to make school life easier. So, with a new school year coming up fast, let’s look at some ways to put Skype to work for you at school.

MIE Minute - August 1

OneNote User Feedback

Have ideas on how to improve OneNote for use in schools? Let us know here, and upvote other ideas you find promising!

MIE Minute - August 2


Microsoft Hackathon 2015 Winner Extends OneNote to Improve Learning Outcomes for Students

Education is a must-have ingredient for success. And to succeed in education, reading and writing is essential. The challenges that come with language barriers and learning disabilities such as dyslexia are vast and varied, but luckily technology is able to help many students overcome literacy obstacles.

One solution is coming from a team at Microsoft that spans collaboration between Windows, OneNote, Bing and Microsoft Research: the OneNote for Learning extension. Learn more about the project and how it may be coming soon to your school!

MIE Minute - August 3


Finally we're thrilled to share details of the upcoming Microsoft EduCast series. Attend the Sept. 8 EduCast - What's New from Microsoft in Education - to kick off the new school year with fresh ideas and new insight on how to use sparkling new technology like Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, and more!

Click here for full listings of future sessions and to register for a Microsoft EduCast.

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