Windows 10 Training videos – Familiar and better than ever


With many schools and universities looking to upgrade to Windows 10 over the summer, we can't to start hearing about how the latest version of our operating system is being used within education.

To help teachers and IT managers with the transition to Windows 10 over the coming months, earlier this week we shared the first in a number of tutorials for Windows 10 from the Microsoft in Education YouTube channel, led by members of our Expert Educator community.

Today we're going to look at the next video in this series, which explores some of the familiarities that teachers and student will find in Windows 10 based on their previous experiences with Windows operating systems.

Once again we're in the hands of Becky Keene, a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator from the USA, and she'll be demonstrating how to access the Start Menu and apps in Windows 10, how to customise the Start menu by pinning programs and apps to the taskbar and favourites window, and how to search for content.

If you’d like to take a further look at Windows 10, there are several other tutorial videos on the Microsoft in Education YouTube channel that you can watch.

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