Using Excel Surveys to test student understanding and collect feedback data

Teachers need efficient ways to collect student data. A flexible, powerful tool that can be used for a variety of different purposes, Excel Surveys provide an easy way for teachers to quickly and easily create and distribute feedback and assessment surveys from directly within the Office 365 environment.

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Once the survey has been sent out, the results are automatically collected in a spreadsheet, giving teachers the opportunity to even graph that data in order to provide additional insight into student progress. This can help with quickly ascertaining who in the class has understood the lesson content, and likewise who might need more help.

In the following video we hear from Canadian MIEE James Pedrech, who talks us through the basics of creating an Excel Survey from OneDrive, and looks at some of the ways that teachers can utilise the responses of their students to provide more targeted and tailored tutoring to the individuals or groups in their class that need it the most:


Excel is free with Office 365, which is also available to students and teachers at no cost through their academic institution’s existing Microsoft Education Subscription. You can check your eligibility at

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