Office 365 vs Office 2013 – What is the difference?

There are some differences between the Office Online applications found in Office 365, and the Office 2013 desktop apps. In the following video, MIEE Emma Hicks from Arnold Hill Academy runs you through the basics of how to create new documents using Office Online, save documents on the computer to OneDrive for Business, and share files with others:

The freedom that Office 365 gives educators like Emma – as well as their students – is the ability to access, edit and share their work whenever and wherever they are. As you’ll have heard in the video, Emma can update files and make sure that her class have the right documents available even if she doesn’t have her normal device with her:

“I find myself using Office Online whenever I’m working to make quick changes to text or formatting, especially from a device that's not my usual work environment. Office 2013 is important for those times that I need a robust set of tools and extra features to achieve my goals. Both options give me place to create and store files in a secure cloud service.”

This same flexibility is afforded to students of all ages, from a primary class working from tablets on a field trip, to final year university students chipping away at their dissertations from different devices all over campus and at home. Through Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit, students faculty and stall all over the world can install the full Office suite on up to five computers and five tablets. To check your eligibility and download Office 365 at no cost today, please visit

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