Office 365 Pro Plus Activation – E1 and E3 licensing, and checking eligibility

Getting your academic institution set up with Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit can be done in a number of ways, depending on the specific requirements and size of your school, college or university. One of the more common ways that IT administrators and network managers are rolling out Office 365 to all teachers and students at no cost is by first activating a 30 day free trial of our E3 licence agreement, and then moving to the E1 licence agreement (which is also free) at the end of the trial period.

O365 Conquer the Class

This blog will focus on how to migrate from the E3 free trial to the E1 free licensing agreement, and provide you with step by step guides for the two ways in which this can be done:

  • Sign up online

  • Apply for Office 365 free license and sign up via your Reseller


Sign up online

  1. Register your details
  2. You will be asked to ‘Verify’ your Office 365 tenancy for Academic use. This will verify that you are an Academic site by validating your email address (MX record)
  3. Once verified you will be given access to the Free E1 Office 365 Plan for Education. Please note that the free E1 License has to be ordered and applied to your Office 365 Tenancy.
  4. From the Admin Page choose ‘Purchase Services’. This will list the Academic Plans including E1 for staff and students. Order as many as you require for your Academic site
  5. Apply the free E1 licenses to every account created in your Office 365 tenancy
  6. The trial will provide E3 licenses (25 each for staff and students). These will expire after 30 days. Remove these licenses from any accounts unless you want to trial the E3 services


Apply for Office 365 free license and sign up via your Reseller

  1. Approach your Microsoft Reseller and ask for as many licenses as you require for the Free Office 365 E1 Plan. Please note you need separate licensing for staff and students (both are free)
  2. Once ordered your license contact will receive an activation email
  3. The email will list two options 1. Sign up to Office 365 and 2.Sign in to Office 365. If you want to create a new Office 365 Tenancy with the licenses you have ordered please choose option 1. If you want to apply your licenses to a previously created Office 365 tenancy, please choose option 2.
  4. Apply the E1 License to each user account you create


Checking eligibility for individuals

If you are a student or a teacher, you easily check to see whether or not you are already eligible to download Office at no cost (on up to five PCs/Macs, as well as on up to five mobile devices or tablets). Simply visit and enter your academic email address. and if your institution has already activated Microsoft Office Pro Plus Benefit, you can download straight away.

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