Upcoming Education Webinars – Devices, Storage, CPD and Business Insight

Over the coming weeks we will be delivering a number of different webinars that should cater for the interests of teachers, IT strategists and data managers across all levels of academia. Starting next week and running into the second week of May, over the course of four webinars we’ll be looking at a range of topics including device management, data storage, continued personal development and business insights.

Below you will find further details on each of the four webinars, and if you wish to register for any of them, please email the appropriate person for that session.


April 28th - 12-1pm - Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud Webinar

Most Institutions are experiencing between 40-60% growths in data storage requirements year on year. This puts pressure on scarce space, resources and budget, which could be utilised elsewhere. The reality is that up to 80% of the data you store is not used regularly. Hybrid Cloud storage provides a significantly reduced footprint with access to potentially unlimited.

This webinar will cover:

  • Management of data growth and lower storage costs up to 60%
  • Streamlined storage and management
  • Improvement of Disaster Recovery and Compliance
  • Migration and duplication of data through the cloud
  • Microsoft’s special offer on StorSimple

To register simply email Anthony Nneke, Further Education & Skills Business Manager at Microsoft anneke@microsoft.com


April 30th - 12-12.45pm – The Value of Certification

Did you know that, according to a recent study conducted by IDC, Microsoft Office ranks as the 3rd most required skill of the 20 most needed future job skills?

There are a number of qualifications, certifications and courses of continued personal development available for both teachers and students. During this webinar you’ll have the chance to learn more about how Microsoft’s IT Academy and Certifications can provide apprenticeship opportunities and deliver IT Professional CPD and Teacher CPD.

To register simply email Anthony Nneke, Further Education & Skills Business Manager at Microsoft anneke@microsoft.com


May 1st - 12-1pm – Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite for Education

With the ever increasing range of mobile devices from the Apple iPad/iPhone to Android or Microsoft Windows devices, maintaining control of security and data is fast becoming a major concern for many of our clients. Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) provides a heterogeneous management solution to tackle the breadth of devices by giving you the following:

  • Identity and access management delivered by Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Mobile Device Management and delivered by Microsoft Intune
  • Data protection delivered by Azure AD Rights Management Services

Microsoft Education Offers:

  • From the 1st May provide all your students with Intune at no additional cost when you license Intune/EMS across all FTEs on an EES/OVS-ES.
  • Acquire EMS licenses before June 30th and you could be eligible for deployment assistance

To register, simply email Pritam Pabla, EMS Technology Solutions Specialist at Microsoft: v-pritap@microsoft.com


May 6th – 12-1pm – Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Enabling “The Dynamic Education Institution”

Join Microsoft’s webinar to hear about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your Institution do more with Business Insights. Microsoft Dynamics is a solution that can help your Institution with the following and much more:

  • Management of relationships with feeder schools
  • Event management (open days, taster days) and Revenue generation through facilities use (Resource diary management).
  • Social engagement – Tailored Communications to existing clients/students/parents etc.
  • Team collaboration across different departments of your Institution
  • Master Data Management – Single version of the truth.
  • Pastoral care for student satisfaction and retention – Being responsible for young people.
  • Alumni / Old Boys – Membership/Fundraising and potential marketing opportunities.

To register simply email Richard Tough, Microsoft Dynamics Technical Solutions Specialist at Microsoft v-ritoug@microsoft.com


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