Break into Code challenge $3,000 competition for 9–18 year olds using

A few weeks ago we brought you the latest news from the Microsoft Imagine Cup, as teams Siymb, Terrabite and Lifeline all won their respective categories in the UK finals, booking their places in the global semi-finals. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of these teams as the competition continues later this year, but today we’re pleased to be sharing the details of another competition from Microsoft Imagine: ‘Break into Code’.


Break into Code challenge $3,000 competition for 9–18 year olds using

Microsoft Imagine

We want to give all students  the opportunity to learn coding, so why not get started today with and have a chance of winning $3,000.

Microsoft Imagine introduces the Break Into Code challenge as a beginner level challenge that will get students excited about coding even if they don’t have any previous experience. We’ve teamed up with Microsoft Research’s Touch Develop to get students of all ages started with a simple, easy to follow tutorial on coding a brick breaker game.

Break Into Code is a beginner level global challenge for students age 9-18 where they will not only learn how to develop their brick breaker game, we are further challenging them to customize and personalize the game. Their imagination is the only limit! There are two age brackets 9-13 and 14-18 where students can win up to $3,000!

Entrants can use any device with a browser and internet connection to participate.


  • Students register on and are directed to start with the Touch Develop brick breaker tutorial
  • Once they have completed the game tutorial, they can make whatever modifications they like so long as they stay within the spirit of the game
  • Students will submit their re-imagined games as entries to our contest
  • The entries will be Judged on Customization, Quality, and Presentation

The competition will run from April 22nd to June 7th, with entrants split in to bracket depending on their ages (9-13, and 14-18). In each age bracket there will be three prizes (USD) awarded, as follows:

1st place $3,000
2nd place $2,000
3rd place $1,000

Touch Develop Brick Breaker Tutorial and fully functioning game

Break into Code 1

Touch Develop Brick Breaker with customizations Break into Code 2

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