A sneak peek at the Surface 3 in the Classroom [VIDEO]

It’s been almost two weeks since the Surface 3 was first unveiled to the world, and it's clear that this device has a huge amount of potential to be a success in education. In the build up to release date later this summer, we’ll be publishing plenty looking at how your school can make the best use of the Surface 3 in education, but in the mean time, we’d like to share this short video with you to whet your appetite for a device that we are all really excited about!

If you’d like some more technical information about the new Surface 3, or want to keep up with the latest developments surrounding this new tablet device, the Surface Blog has a wealth of content for you to pore over. However, just to give you a taste for how people are finding the latest edition to the Surface family, here’s another excerpt from Panos Panay’s original article introducing the device:

“The feedback from students particularly has been incredible — even those who use the Type Cover to take the majority of their notes appreciate the ability to grab the pen and sketch a quick diagram or to underline and make margin notes on one of the many .pdf files they’re assigned to read with an app like Drawboard PDF, which will be pre-installed on every Surface 3.”

We can’t wait to hear what you all think when you get the Surface 3 in your own hands!

Surface 3

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