Are you planning on rolling out Windows 10 this summer?


It seems a long time ago that we were all at BETT 2015 when the first public announcements regarding Windows 10 were made, but there’s been an awful lot going on since then, and there are still plenty of things to be revealed that we’re super excited about. We’d like to share some of the updates from the Windows team with you, via Terry Myerson’s recent blog post:

Windows 10 Launching This Summer in 190 Countries and 111 Languages

One thing that we’re particularly interested in from an education perspective, are the key partnerships with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Intel, Qualcomm and others, that will provide great options for students and teachers, and anyone interested in app building or coding. Through existing platforms and initiatives such as Kodu, ProjectSpark, Minecraft and the Hour of Code, children of all ages have been introduced to the concepts and skills that are necessary in coding, and with the upcoming partnerships included with Windows 10, we’re hugely excited about what the future holds in this area.

There were two videos included in Terry’s blog that we’d also like to share directly here, as they provide a great overview of what the Tencent partnership in China will mean, and also look at how the Internet of Things will shape the future. Together, these videos further highlight the relevance of the Windows 10 partnerships in terms of providing an environment in which students and young developers can flourish, before transferring these skills directly to the workplace:


Deploying Windows 10 this summer?

As we move forwards in the next few months we’d love to hear from any schools that are planning to roll-out Windows 10 over the summer. One of the driving forces behind what we do here – particularly with our blogs – is to document the activities of academic institutions and the individuals within them, so that others involved in the education community can learn from and replicate their successes. If you are looking to deploy Windows 10 and would like to be featured on the Microsoft Education UK blog, please get in touch via Twitter or our Facebook Page.

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