Register your place now for the December “Cloud in Education” workshop

Ridgian are one of Microsoft’s solution partners, and we will be hosting the following “Cloud in Education” workshops in conjunction with them next month. Please take a moment to read the following statement from Ridgian, and to book your place on the course most convenient to you.

Available dates:
9th December 2014; Ridgian HQ, Birmingham – register here.
15th December 2014; Microsoft London – register here.

From Ridgian:

Cloud technologies are fast becoming integral to the way in which organisations deliver information and services to users. We are now in the era of applications, devices, and data. Cloud will allow us to propel these technologies forward and support the demands for information anywhere, anytime and on any device. As technology accelerates to support the needs of the modern learning providers, a Cloud approach will deliver greater efficiency and value.

The demand for information, Bring Your Own Device initiatives, and the drive for greater efficiencies and better performance create sizeable challenges for organisations and IT. Cloud has the potential to solve many of these dilemmas; delivering scale, agility and speed at a low cost. It presents us with the opportunity to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of running data centers, leverage business data and deliver valuable insights. The IT industry now has the potential to sit at the forefront of business improvement, freeing IT resources from maintenance and infrastructure burdens, pushing them into a more strategic, transformational role.

Microsoft and Ridgian are co-hosting an event to provide education ICT and Data Executives the opportunity to learn how Office 365 can transform the way you deliver services to your users; ena­bling informed decisions that empower management executives, students and staff to drive future success. Throughout the sessions we will demonstrate how organisations can maximise their existing investment in the Microsoft Cloud and Office 365, and introduce new initiatives such as self-service analytics using Power BI and on demand training to support Office 365 roll out and adoption.

We have assembled a team of guest speakers who will share with you their vision of how Microsoft is creating the next generation of technology for learning providers. The event serves as an oppor­tunity to get to grips with how the technology can really make a difference to your organisation.

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