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I have had Office 365 described to me in many ways! ‘It’s Microsoft’s version of Google Apps, or What happened to Office version 364?’ “Hmmm…. Well it’s …..’

It’s often difficult to help teachers and schools in a short conversation, to envisage what Office 365 can do and how it can deliver for them a whole cloud based solution.

Luckily, my Microsoft in Education colleagues in South Africa have created a fantastic and comprehensive collection of resources that can help anyone understand and explore the myriad of possibilities that Office 365 offers.

Many thanks to Angela Schaerer ( @angschaerer on Twitter) for sharing this.


Office 365 for Education
Office 365 for Education Provisioning Guide

» Getting started
» Signing up for Office 365
» Adding users (individually)
» Adding users (bulk users)
» Version upgrade
» Technical stuff
» Glossary

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Communication with email, contacts and calendar

» Email, calendars and contacts
» Scenario: Connecting other accounts to email
» Scenario: People and contacts
» Scenario: Setting up and using distribution groups
» Scenario: Staff communication and info gathering
» Scenario: Staff professional development
» Scenario: Using and sharing calendars

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Productivity with Office Online* and OneDrive**

» Using Office Online through SharePoint
» Using Office Online through OneDrive
» Scenario: Using Office Online for assessment
» Scenario: Using OneNote for student ePortfolios
» Scenario: Using an Excel Online survey

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Connect with the world using Lync and instant messaging

» Using Lync in your school or education institution
» Scenario: Scheduling a Lync meeting
» Scenario: Student revision session
» Scenario: Using a Lync meeting
» Scenario: Using IM for out of school help

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Shared workspaces for collaboration and creativity using SharePoint Sites
Setting up SharePoint

» Setup guide for SharePoint for Education
» Scenario: Setting up a public website
» Scenario: Creating a subsite

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Using SharePoint in Education

» Setting up a personal SharePoint site
» Scenario: Using the Survey App
» Scenario: Using a team site in SharePoint
» Scenario: Setting up a student site
» Scenario: Class projects & assignment submission

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Safe and secure social networking with Yammer
» Setting up and using Yammer
» 20 ways to use Yammer in Education
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50 ways to connect your learning with your life with Office 365
» 50 ways to use Office 365 for Education
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*Formerly known as Office Web Apps. **Formerly known as SkyDrive.

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