Surface Pro 3–Initial thoughts

Those of you that are accustomed the Microsoft Surface or The Surface Family as the group of devices are referred to, will highly likely have heard about the latest edition in the series, The Surface Pro 3. The Surface journey over the past few years has certainly been an interesting one. The vision was to create a tablet that would be as portable and easy as other leading brands but one that offered the performance functionality of a laptop.


As the devices have progressed, small yet indicative adjustments have been made to Surface and as Microsoft have listened to their customers and their advocates, the ideal, is that now this is a device to really stop and take note. This offering isn't for those simply looking for a tablet to play games. The Surface Pro 3, is designed to be powerful enough for you to leave your laptop at home or be an instead of purchase.

The design of the device is one which has been built with the thinnest core PC which has ever been made, Weighing in at just 800g and the dimensions at just 292x201.3x9.1mm you'll notice the difference between carrying a Surface Pro 3 to work and a traditional laptop. I've noticed some technology journalists mention that it's heavier than other tablets, but this is a device that really shouldn't be viewed as 'just another tablet' I personally feel the extra lb's in weight and few inches in screen size (12 inches to be exact) are perfectly viable for what it will be expected to achieve.


I won't go into a full review and discuss all of the features, as this blog is simply to share my own thoughts on the Surface and why I feel it would be an asset in an education setting, but the device comes with a clickable pen which is designed to be the perfect companion for scribbling thoughts and ideas into OneNote. And just with a click of the pen, you can take a screen shot which will save directly into your OneNote. So whilst you're students are listening to you teach they can react quickly and save whatever useful content you may be using from the front of the classroom.

We'll be getting our hands on a Surface Pro 3 in the next few weeks, and will have a guide to share with you later on, but for now here is a cool new video you might like to take a look at.

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