Windows 8 Devices in Education – Viglen Omnino 5

Guest Post from Viglen
With an ever-increasing diversity of devices for the classroom, it’s tempting to forget that the desktop PC still has a part to play in many areas of the curriculum.  The Omnino 5 is a striking new All-in-One from Viglen and it hides some clever thinking under its stylish black and white exterior.

Omnino5 front Win8-1SS

Viglen’s Omnino range has a long-standing reputation for helping you customise the build of your PCs and the latest generation is no exception.  The idea is that you choose exactly the components you need and Viglen build your computers to order – that way you don’t have to leave out essentials for your classroom and you don’t have to pay for the bits you don’t need.

To start with, there’s a choice of 21.5” and 23.6” LED-lit hard screens, both of which are clearly and evenly lit making them ideal for general and specialist use.  The innards don’t disappoint either – Windows 8.1 is well supported by a full range of Intel Core i3, i5 and Core i7 processors, up to 16GB RAM and your choice of solid state or mechanical drives (up to 1TB).

Viglen include a full-sized classroom keyboard and optical mouse, but you can choose your own instead.  While you’re at it, you can add in a webcam, WiFi and optical drive too (no need to pay for them if you don’t need them).  Multimedia is well handled by the default Intel HD graphics and multi-channel audio (headphone and mic sockets are cleverly hidden behind the front bezel) and there’s even an HDMI port to connect to a projector or second monitor.

Installation is a breeze with just keyboard, mouse and power connections to worry about and the Omnino 5 can be up and running in minutes, straight out of the box thanks to smart design and Windows 8.1.  If you opt for a wireless keyboard and mouse set, you’re ready to go with just the power cable connected.  If you need to protect your computers, Viglen have equipped the Omnino 5 with a security cable mounting point and a solid-looking security bracket which is almost unnoticeable in day-to-day use.  Alternatively you can use the VESA mount on the back of the cabinet to mount the Omnino 5 on a desk arm or wall bracket, complementing the sleek styling of the all-in-one design.

Under the covers, the design shows off how Viglen have thought about the Omnino 5 as a long-term project.  You can choose from a range of mini ITX motherboards, an industry standard which ensures that Viglen’s stylish chassis has a clearly defined future.  Viglen has a track record of stable design which should be reassuring if you’re balancing consistency with refreshing classroom hardware over a longer period of time.

It’s tempting to think that tablets and portables can cover all the angles for most classrooms, but sometimes you need dedicated PCs. So what makes the Omnino 5 so good?  In a word – everything.  It’s a world away from traditional bulky ‘box-and-monitor’ computers but still provides a truly versatile PC which justifies the reduced space it takes up on the desk.  And with the Omnino 5, Viglen have achieved a surprising fusion of a classroom PC: not only does it look good – it has the performance to match.

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