T&L e-zine: Using Windows 8 in Physical Education


We thought it would be a nice idea to produce weekly ‘Microsoft Teaching & Learning’ e-zines (online newsletters). The series will feature some great examples of how our Microsoft Innovative Educators and Microsoft Showcase Schools are using technology in the classroom. Hopefully, these little T&L snippets will inspire a little innovation in your own classrooms.

In this week’s e-zine explore how Microsoft Innovative Educator Leon Annett, from Coleg Gwent in South Wales, has used windows 8 in Physical Education. Leon’s work with part of the ‘Teach with IT’ pilot*        




Skitch allows you to annotate using your finger or stylus. Learners found this fun and it was a good method to assess prior learning.



 Flash Quiz

With Flash Quiz you can create a number of sets with as many questions. Leon found this a great method to assess learning at the end of the lesson.




OneNote can be used as an e-portfolio. The example below shows how a PE class is using it to track progress throughout the year.



Windows Movie Maker 

PE coursework required learners to describe how to perform a fitness test. They used WMM to do this and found it quick and easy to use.



Apps for Fitness

Leon used a range of fitness apps to help track and monitor blood pressure, reaction times and encourage competitiveness.




As part of their Anatomy & Physiology module, learners have been uploading pictures of muscles and adding text and audio to serve as a revision tool.




Educator Spotlight: Leon Annett

My name is Leon Annett and I am an educator in the Further Education sector.

*I have been asked to take part in a 3 month pilot scheme ‘Teach with IT, ’ to explore how technology can be incorporated into my lessons, help classroom engagement and discover the potential for students to use the devices in the future.

The trial is in association with Intel, Softcat and Microsoft. The device I will be using for the trial is the Dell XPS12 and the operating software will be Windows 8.

I am originally from Kent and I am employed by Coleg Gwent in South Wales and have been since 2008. I am also an external verifier for the awarding organisation OCR.

I am a visiting university lecturer delivering levels 4, 5 and 6 modules in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physical Activity and Health.

I am a curriculum leader and oversee the programme planning and delivery of a range of programmes, specifically in sport, public services, outdoor activities and youth work.

I have a passion for quality and developing teaching and learning. My main goal is to improve the quality of the courses that are delivered to learners, ensuring that they are fit for purpose and that they improve the chances of learners becoming employed in the field in which they study.

Please visit my twitter page for my blogs and the Education resources page to access tools I use which I hope will be of help.


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