Friday Overview

Another busy week in the Microsoft Education Department, here’s a recap of all of this week’s Further Education blog posts. Have a great weekend. Installing enterprise metro apps without using Microsoft Store Tablets for Schools Conference An Interview with Professor Steve Molyneux. Whether you want to be a Doctor or a Rockstar…Coding is for you…


Office 365 Education: 6 great reasons to sign up

Excerpt from our Office 365 Education supplement developed in association with PC Pro Magazine. #1 You’ll never lose homework again Each staff and student account comes with 50GB of free storage for emails, documents, presentations and associated photos and media. That’s more than enough to last any student throughout their life at school. What’s more,…


How to get your free tools!

One for the Students – Originally posted by Phil Cross on the UK Student Blog. Did you know that as a student you can get all Microsoft Developer Tools free of charge? In one word its “DreamSpark”. The latest version of our Professional Suite – Visual Studio 2013 is NOW available for you to download….


The Flipped Classroom, Is it really a new idea?

Guest Post by Education Writer Gerald Haigh ‘Flipped Learning’, or ‘Flipped Classroom’ is a teaching method that involves giving students the content of a future lesson for homework, then consolidating the learning in class. It started, so far as I can tell, in American colleges, with academics posting their lectures online in advance and then…


Bringing the cloud to researchers around the world and online

Originally posted on Microsoft Research Connections Blog These have been impressive days for European research, highlighted by last year’s discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN and this year’s publication of the fifth assessment report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Both are stunning examples of thousands of researchers collaborating to push the boundaries…


Whether you want to be a Doctor or a Rockstar…Coding is for you

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to you when I tell you that here at the Microsoft Education Department we are head over heels, crazy passionate about the future of coding and the impact that it has and will have on young people. We are a technology company, so it’s almost obvious we would be…


An Interview with Professor Steve Molyneux.

Tablet Academy CEO, Steve Molyneux understands what’s involved with integrating devices into a classroom setting. For educational institutions a lot rides on the success of the transition and so having a well thought out plan that makes for a simple and fun adoption is paramount. Not least, building technical ability and confidence with the educators…


Tablets for Schools Conference

Here is another great opportunity to find out more about the use of Tablet Technology in Schools. We would like to invite you to the first Tablets for Schools Conference. This will be held on Monday 9th December at the QEII Centre, Westminster, London. (REGISTER HERE) Rt Hon David Blunkett MP (former Secretary of State…


Installing enterprise metro apps without using Microsoft Store

Originally posted by Lee Stott on Microsoft UK Faculty Connection Blog on 3rd April 2012 Over the past few days I have had a few questions re how does a University go about installing Enterprise apps onto Windows 8 machines without having to setup Microsoft Live IDs on each of the machines, As your all…


Friday Recap Post

Check out the links below for a recap of all of this weeks blog posts. Have a great weekend. DreamSpark Student Review: Alex Furnell, University Student Are Tablets the biggest transformation in education since the internet? Windows 8 Apps to enhance student productivity in the classroom UTC Reading students are first in the UK to…