Windows 8 Devices in Education: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Review

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S is a unique hybrid device that can be used as both a tablet and traditional laptop.


With a vibrant orange colour scheme that really helps make the device stand out, the Yoga 11S offers 4 orientations that provides an ultraportable full Windows 8 experience. With the ability to easily go from a traditional laptop to tent, kiosk and tablet mode, the Yoga 11S is great for group work, writing dissertations or sitting back and watching movies. This device is, in my opinion, a perfect single device for students and educators alike.


More specifically, the high resolution screen is ideally suited for reading eBooks and viewing online lectures, and with 4GB RAM under the hood, the Yoga 11S doesn't lose a step when running multiple applications at once or performing resource intensive tasks such as video editing. That being said, a 1080p screen would be an exciting addition to the next iteration of the device.

The keyboard is both well laid out and responsive and rather cleverly disables itself when the screen is flipped over into tablet mode. It is a little strange at first, though, when you can feel the keys while holding the device in this mode.


The overall finish of the device is very high quality and Lenovo have really focused on the detail. The feel of the device in the hand is solid and well-built and is definitely durable enough for the demands of student life or for educators travelling from class to class or different locations across campus.

Furthermore, as a full Windows 8 machine, the 11S runs both Windows Store and X86 applications, such as Photoshop and Visual Studio 2013, which helps provide a no compromise experience that makes the most of both touch and keyboard and mouse.

This is an elegant device and definitely caught the eye of the marketing intern within our team who said that this would be her ideal device for when she goes back to university for her final year. I had better keep an eye on it 😉

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