Introducing the new Windows 8 Skillpipe App

Microsoft have partnered with world-renowned publisher Arvato to create our new Windows 8 Skillpipe App for our digital Microsoft official courseware reader, which has now been released as a free download on the Windows store.

Our Learning Partners and Academic institutions can now support their students on apprenticeships and in higher and further education pursuing Microsoft Technical courses learning the latest technology skills, in the cloud on a Windows 8 device.


Read, Annotate, Collaborate

The Skillpipe app will give students anywhere access to their courseware and the freedom to simultaneously read and annotate content and make notes on it from Windows 8 Surfaces, tablets or PCs, both online and offline! The beauty of the reader app is the power it provides for students and tutors to collaborate and learn together by sharing. Students can share their notes with tutors or their peers, who can subsequently add their notes and share again with the class, essentially creating a supportive network for learning.

Who does the Skillpipe app benefit?

Students pursuing apprenticeships spend much of their time working on site, and little time in the classroom. They can now access their reading any time on a Windows 8 device, and can receive support from their class mates thanks to the collaborative nature of the app and its cloud interface.

Similarly, more and more universities provide long distance courses with very little contact time. The Skillpipe app enables the latest IT skills to be taught long distance on Windows 8 devices, while providing the tools for students to share work together and with tutors and maintain a sense of community.

All students enrolled in Microsoft Technology courses, using a Windows 8 device will be able to benefit from the Skillpipe app. IT Academy members will also be pleased to hear that they are eligible to access the Skillpipe app for their students.

Check out the following video link to learn more about Skillpipe for Windows 8.



Here are some of the app’s features:

  • Completely re-designed reader app, following the Win 8 design philosophy
  • Supports online and offline reading
  • Optimized touch controls for Surface and Surface Pro tablet PCs
  • Auto-docked panels to read and work in parallel
  • Possibility to manually delete the locally cached books
  • Automated software updates for new reader releases through the Windows Store
  • Automated error reporting helping us to detect and analyze your technical problems to get them fixed for the next release

To find out more information and download the app, please send your students to this link.

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