Surface RT Experience Day 3

In our final blog post in our Surface RT Experience series, we will explore how the Surface RT delivered amongst a community of  teachers and how it fit into their school's infrastructure.

With bustling schedules and work stretched on and off campus, it is fundamental for staff to be able to easily access email off-campus as efficiently as possible. Read on to see how Outlook RT, as part of the Windows 8.1 update, served as a great tool.


The Staff's Tool

Senior ICT Technician of St George Catholic School, James Bushby, provides us with an honest insight of his encounter adapting the Surface RT to cater for the staff at his school:

"I use my surface RT for day to day use (word processing, emails and surfing the internet) but to get around the restrictions of the system not being able to use natively installed on the system,  which caused an issue, we set up a terminal server for myself to RDP on, to access the software. This is also used for myself to administrate the schools ICT Infrastructure, from resetting pupils forgetting passwords, to restoring data from backups.

When the offer came to my desk I instantly thought how much of an amazing deal this was. So, I started to develop my system more for the staff to have access to the resources they use for teaching via use of the surface. It was a bit restrictive at first due to windows 8, which was resolved when I installed the 8.1 preview update on my surface.

From this point I started to show the staff what the Surface RT can do for them and their subjects with a small selection of apps and explained that the app marketplace is growing each day.

The staff also liked the fact that they can get their email, which still looks the same as it would within the school at any time, via the outlook app that is due in Windows 8.1. They can have quicker access then turning on a desktop/laptop or OWA."


Surface RT Deal Progress

As previously expressed, the UK Surface team are working diligently to deliver you your new Surface RT's as swiftly as possible. We are hopeful that the fresh intake of stock from Holland will smoothen out the logistical challenges we have been having, due to the huge flock of orders we have received.

We apologise for delays in orders and email query responses, and thank you for baring with us.

Stay tuned to the blog and  Twitter for future updates if you have not yet received an email response you were expecting.

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