Windows 8 in Education eBook – Now Available

Our new Windows 8 in Education eBook is hot off the press. Written by leading practitioners, the eBook can get you started and inspire you about many of the great features of Windows 8 from an education perspective.


The eBook is in sections. One is for hands-on educators, teachers and lecturers, while another is directed at network managers, the people who will have to stay one step ahead and make sure that educators and learners have the best Windows 8 experience. There’s also a section that covers ‘top Apps’. The Windows 8 Apps are key feature of Windows 8, and you’ll find quite a lot about them in various places in this eBook.

Finally, we include a short section on App development with Windows 8. As we know, this is going to be a key feature for education. Young people are great App users, but they don’t want to leave it there. They’re increasingly keen to develop their own Apps, and the way it can be done with Windows 8, the Windows Store, and Microsoft development tools, offers them an absolutely unrivalled opportunity to be ahead of the game, alongside professional developers. Teachers are going to seize this aspect of Windows 8 in a way that has the potential to transform and re-energise ICT teaching in schools, colleges and universities.

The full eBook can be downloaded from our SlideShare account. Alternatively, the eBook can be viewed in full below.

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