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Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Education

19th June 11am-12pm

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful relationship management solution that can help to streamline processes in all areas of an education institution.

The powerful framework allows easy to use applications to be developed to support any area including;

  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Research
  • Faculty
  • Student Management
  • General Administration
  • Communications

This session will be jointly presented by Microsoft and Crimson Associates a Microsoft Partner who specialises in the UK education sector.

Join this webcast to understand how Dynamics CRM can help your organisation here


Office 365 for Education

Jointly presented by Microsoft and Creative SharePoint.

19th June 12:00 – 13:00

To join this webcast, please register here

26th June 12:00 – 13:00

To join this webcast, please register here


Application Virtualisation and the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack

28th June 11am-12pm

The Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP) can remove huge cost from your entire desktop lifecycle and improve security.

The MDOP is a suite of technologies broadly covering the areas of virtualisation, management and recovery.

If you are an education customer and not yet using or aware of the components of MDOP - this webcast is for you and you can register here


What's New in Windows InTune - Wave C?

5th July, 11am-12pm

Join this live meeting to understand what is in the brand new release of Windows Intune (Wave C)

Windows Intune is a cloud based management solution - that enables you to manage your IT environments without the need for onsite servers.

The latest release includes management of non-windows devices such as Ipads and android based devices.

This live meeting will be delivered by a Microsoft Windows Intune Specialist, and will include a demo of key features. You will also have chance to get any of your burning questions answered.

Please register here

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