Yes, it is possible to create nice looking spreadsheets

by Diego M. Oppenheimer

For the last couple years I’ve been meaning to pull together some of the tips that I’ve learned working on the Excel team about how to make nice looking spreadsheets. Well, last week, Rob Collie (a previous Excel Program Manager, and now CTO at Pivotstream and author of beat me to it with his post “In the Browser, Aesthetics Yield a Greater Return.”


I had a quick chat with Rob and he was nice enough to let me pile on with my tips, which got posted to his blog on Tuesday. So, rather than spoil any of the surprise here, head on over to PowerPivotPro and check out 15 Spreadsheet Formatting Tips. And, while you’re there, you’ll definitely want to check out PowerPivot - it can take your Excel to a whole new level!

Go there now: 15 Spreadsheet Formatting Tips

Originally posted on the Office Excel blog

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