Organisational Effectiveness Conference 2012

Organisational effectiveness is a big topic and a significant challenge for all Colleges today.  How do institutions respond to pressures to do 'more with less' whilst meeting increasing expectations from key stakeholders, particularly learners?

In the past, many colleges have attempted to use quick fixes to immediate problems but these can often prove both costly and counterproductive.

At Microsoft, we believe that strategic approaches ensure you are applying technology effectively in support of your vision and goals. Operational efficiency can be about reducing cost but it can also involve raising productivity, creating demand or managing the relationships between different bits of information to get insight about your systems, processes, customers and market. 

We will be looking at some of our technologies that help in all of these areas and discussing the benefits that have been realised with the use of Lync 2010 in Stratford-Upon-Avon College at the LSIS Organisational event below.  Please join us there.


Organisational Effectiveness Conference 2012: 'Succeeding and surviving in challenging times'

What is the agenda?
  • Key insights from our national 'Future Forecasting ' project (The Ideas Bank)
  • Reducing costs through partnership working
  • Making savings through the use of technology
  • Deliver differently: 100% face to face teaching is affordable
  • Developing provider skill sets to improve use of resources and cut costs

View the full conference programme.

Why should you attend?

By attending the conference you will be able to network with other sector colleagues who have already delivered successful RUN projects in 2011 . You will be able to network and engage with peers to acquire practical tips and advice on the best way to achieve cost savings and get a better return on investment when implementing your RUN projects in the future.

This event will also showcase workshops that will offer proven, practical, step by step methods to help you understand how to survive in a rapidly changing world.

These workshops are the result of the Resource Utilisation Network Fund that began in 2011 which sponsored a number of providers to develop solutions for the sector and will be delivered by the people who developed and implemented these solutions within their own organisations.

Where and when is it?

Maple House
150 Corporation Street
B4 6TB

Date: Tuesday 12 June 2012

Follow the conversation on Twitter: #OEC12
Who should attend?

Leaders, managers (from executive and governor level), middle managers, aspiring managers, principals, finance managers, finance directors, managing directors.

Workshops: Download the workhsop summeries document now.

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