Some check points if you are considering cloud computing services for your education institution

For IT professionals and leaders in education, there is a lot to consider when choosing to take advantage of cloud services. Yes, it’s cost saving, time saving and has lots of other great benefits, but there are important things to check with your service provider to make sure you get the best out of your cloud services for education. Here are a few points that you should research with your cloud service provider:

• How quickly will the service be recovered in a major incident? What are the SLA targets?

• Portability. How easy will it be to move your data? Or share it?

• Does your Cloud provider offer security for the service?

• Do you have enough bandwidth capacity? Colleagues may be accessing multiple services at one time

• What options are available for offline productivity?

Save money with Office 365 for education

As well as fulfilling the points above, we also want to be cost efficient for education institutions to use. And that’s where we use the power of the cloud to bring these tools together in Office 365 for education. We have SharePoint Online and the Office Web Apps for true anywhere access, and we integrate this with Exchange Online, and Lync Online to bring it all together.
We’re making our best services available in the cloud, helping to drive down the cost of managing hardware, negotiating versioning and upgrades, as well as giving you the ability to scale quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of your students, faculty, and staff.  Office 365 for education represents everything we know about the productivity tools people love to use, available at scale in the cloud.

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