Increase student computer access at a lower cost – Introducing Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

A little note from Richard Lane, Education Account Technical Strategist


Today, more than ever our schools and colleges in the UK are faced with dwindling budgets – and are looking for new and innovative ways to modernise and improve their teaching and learning experience.

Student access to computing resources has long been a concern for many organisations, but changing the pupil to pc ratio can be a stretch too far for many organisations.

A great solution which can help is Windows MultiPoint Server 2011.

In a Nutshell…..

MultiPoint Server 2011 is a Windows based solution that is designed specifically to give every student individual access to PCs. By allowing multiple users to simultaneously share one computer – and still providing a rich independent Windows experience, it is a cost effective way to get more technology into classrooms, computer labs and libraries.

The savings can be quite substantial, typically organisations see up-front technology savings of between 35%-50%. There are then the energy savings and on-going management savings too.

So if you are about to kit out a new computer lab or classroom – I would certainly recommend at least looking at Multipoint Server in a bit more detail.

The Teacher Experience…..

The teachers’ management console is a simple to use, yet powerful tool – providing complete control over the students’ screens – ensuring the class stay focused and productive.


Ok I get it – tell me more about the technology……

Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 is the second version of the product, the original version Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 was released in February 2010.

The first question most people ask is, what sort of devices to students use to get their Windows experience?

Typically each student will have their own screen, mouse and keyboard – which can connect to the host PC in one of three ways:

  • Directly to the host PC – In this option the host PC has multiple graphics cards – each student screen plugs in directly to the host, mouse and keyboard usually plug in via a USB hub
  • Via a Multi Function device – which offers screen, keyboard and mouse connectivity via USB
  • From a networked device – such as an existing PC / or thin client (this is a new feature with 2011) – this can be old or donated kit – as the session is delivered via RDP – you still great a great Windows 7 experience

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