Office 2010 for students – via the Ultimate Steal


Each year we run a special offer (called The Ultimate Steal) on Microsoft Office, only for Higher & Further education students and staff who have a email address. It allows them to buy the software directly from Microsoft, and make a big saving on the equivalent retail price. As we get closer to the release of Office 2010, the number of students buying the software has flattened out (and who can blame them - why buy the 2007 version when Office 2010 is just around the corner?).

In previous years some colleges have told their students about the deal, via their email or internal IT support website, but this year less have, because students can download the Office 2010 beta for free, and then wait for the full release.

But there are two good reasons why it’s right to remind your students now about the Ultimate Steal offer, before the release of Office 2010 in June…

No-cost upgrade to Office 2010

Since 5th March, any student or member of staff buying Office 2007 through the Ultimate Steal has been entitled to get a no-cost upgrade to Office 2010 when it is released (as a digital download).

A price increase coming

It’s just been confirmed that when Office 2010 is launched, the price of the student offer with the new version will be increasing by around £10 (although it will still be significantly cheaper than normal retail prices)


So here’s the summary:

  • The best price for students to get Office 2007 Ultimate Edition is £38.95 with the Ultimate Steal deal – saving 90% off the estimated retail price for the Ultimate edition
  • It now includes a no-cost upgrade to Office 2010
  • If students/staff wait to buy until the release of Office 2010, they’ll end up paying 25% more

So there’s a brief window from now until June when students and staff can get the best of both worlds – Office 2010 at the lower Office 2007 price.


ps You can also pick up Windows 7 with a student discount from The Ultimate Steal site too

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