Improving student services, and saving money – How Brockenhurst College did it

I hope that you’ve already heard about the Live@edu service, which provides a free, hosted email service for your students, based on Exchange 2010. It allows you to provide each learner with a free 10GB inbox as well as an additional 25GB of online storage space. Over the last couple of years, 10% of UK colleges have implemented it, along with a large number of universities.

One of the challenges for colleges is to provide an effective communication method to all of their students without breaking the bank – as an example, Brockenhurst have 3,000 sixth form students, and 9,000 adult learners to provide a service for. The end result is that either the service is limited (eg very small mailboxes) or expensive to run – which means that in many cases students either don’t have, or don’t use, a college email account.

What Brockenhurst have seen is that student use of their email service has gone from almost none to over 70% of students using it with anytime, anywhere access. And the college and students benefit from the wider collaboration that has resulted from the service.

Robin Gadd, who’s the college Head of Information and Systems Development, put it bluntly:


Providing technology that reflects what students use socially increases their perception of the college as a modern educational institution. Endquotes

You can read the full case study on our worldwide case studies website

You may also appreciate reading what the University of Aberdeen have done too

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  1. Mark Parter says:

    We’ve recently rolled out the Live@Edu services for this academic year after trialling them during the last academic year.

    One area where Microsoft really need to investigate is better integration between services, or at least provide API’s for us to do it ourselves.

    Alongside Live@Edu, we are providing SharePoint My Sites for every student, with integration to our staff/student collaborative SharePoint portal. However, there’s no seamless way for students to save from their My Site to SkyDrive as there’s no API’s.

    An integrative solution which makes it easier for students to manage their day-to-day College life is surely an achievable goal?

    Onwards and upwards though.

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