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Because of the competitive nature of student recruitment these days it seems that a lot of colleges are developing vastly improved strategies to recruit the "right" sort of student. SRM (Student Relationship Management) combined with the correct CRM technology package is one of the major strategies that many colleges are using to make the difference.

image Pythagoras are one of our partners (rather than the Greek philosopher*) are one of our partners who specialise in this area, and are running a series of Live Meetings, or webinars, over the next couple of months specifically for colleges and universities. As the research shows that only a third of Universities or Colleges and Schools have a CRM system it might be worth registering for the upcoming Microsoft CRM webinar for Education on the 5th June or 10th July.

FirstquotesAs the relationship between student and academic establishment has evolved to resemble a customer/provider dynamic, a true three hundred and sixty degree approach to relationship management will equip Schools, Higher and Further Education establishments with all of the tools they need to provide the highest levels of service to their 'clients' whilst in parallel allowing all relevant data to be interrogated and reported upon in order to drive strategic decision making for the future.

Pythagoras CRM provides the tools for easily creating and maintaining a clear picture of the information that educators and leaders need. This solution developed with Microsoft Dynamics helps drive consistent, measurable improvements in daily work processes, promotes more effective cross-departmental collaboration, and enables new levels of efficiency.

Pythagoras has developed Microsoft CRM for Education and is already being successfully used in a number of universities, colleges and schools throughout the UK. City University London and New Line Learning Academies have recently deployed Microsoft CRM for Education and this has resulted in a vastly improved way they manage their relationships and internal processes.

The free webinar will take you through Pythagoras' offering and introduce a unique approach to the sector. Register below to take part.Endquotes

More info and register for 10am on June 5th

More info and register for 10am on 10th July

You can find out more about the Pythagoras CRM on their website

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