Capita’s FE & HE Conference presentation

I’ve just been at the Capita Further and Higher Education National Conference, in the lovely (if wet) county of Warwickshire.

I read recently that many people can’t put Warwickshire on a map, because it is one of those ‘in-between’ kind of counties, but it’s got lots of lovely countryside, and it starts only 15 minutes up the road from my house, so I can definitely put it on the map.

The subtext of the conference was “Facing Challenging Times”, which isn’t something you could disagree with, whether you are a student, work for a college/university or are a government policy maker in the world of either FE or HE.

I’d been asked to do a little crystal ball gazing about the direction that students’ lives are going, and their expectations, and to talk in broad terms about how we see SharePoint’s position in helping organisations manage the changes needed to react. The SharePoint area was specifically to link into some of the product announcements made by Capita at the conference.

You can download the presentation from my SkyDrive, and I have also uploaded the two videos that I used – both are shortened versions which you may want to use. If you stick all three files into the same directory, then the PowerPoint presentation will find the videos and show them in the right place. Unfortunately, I’ve done my usual mode, which means that the slides aren’t designed to be clear without my explanation, so perhaps I’ll be able to get a copy of the audio recording of the presentation, so that I can put words to it.

(If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, then here’s the links to the presentation, and the first and second videos)

The first video is a shortened version of Shift Happens, which was originally created to show to a large group of Diploma students who visited Microsoft a month ago. It doesn’t jump into all of the detail about the pace of technology change, but instead focuses on the way that today’s students are being prepared for tomorrow’s workplace.

The second video above is an edited version of our FE & Skills demonstrator – the full length video is available to download here

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