Address the New Economic Landscape in FE


One of our partners, Focus on Business, are hosting a morning seminar entitled “MS Dynamics CRM in FE - How it Addresses The New Economic Landscape” on Friday 20th February at our London offices in Victoria Street. It’s a seminar designed to demonstrate how our Dynamics CRM is helping colleges to achieve and maintain the requirements of TQS, T2G, WBL, Employer Engagement, whilst addressing the challenges that the recession is placing on employers and learners. (Let’s face it, that’s going to make a pretty full half-day!)

Jane Cunningham, of Castle College Nottingham will be speaking, as well as speakers from Microsoft and Focus on Business.

Focus on Business is an independent provider of CRM Solutions and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner who specialise in developing CRM Solutions for colleges. Which these days means pulling together lots of different databases, build an evolving and scalable CRM system, and automate processes to reduce costs.

Anthony Wallbank, Director at Focus on Business, puts it succinctly:

FirstquotesCollege's futures will depend on how well they are able to track Employers, Partners, Learners, and Courses etc. Colleges are complicated organisations and need a system that can give them the whole picture at a glance.Endquotes

Register for the free event here

Can’t make it? Download their whitepaper “CRM for colleges of Further Education” instead, for a taster

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