Saving money on software at Christmas

Santa Claus is coming – and this year he’s going to have to cope with the credit crunch! There will still be loads of PCs bought this Christmas, and given the offers by retailers at the moment, there will be some great deals around.

It might be a good time to remind your students & staff that they can buy Office 2007 Ultimate Edition at the bargain price of £38.95, through the Ultimate Steal offer. Not only will they get the top-end version (rather than the smaller Home & Student Edition), but they’ll pay less than the normal retail version.

Of course, there’s some limits on who can buy:

  • They must have an email address than ends in “” to register & buy

  • FE Students must have 15 hours of scheduled contact time on their course

  • Staff must be employed for more than 8 hours per week (or 4, if teaching)

Find out more at

There are some downloadable banners and promotional materials available here

Comments (2)

  1. Binaryjam says:

    Any idea why this is restricted to F.E and not available to Schools who end in ?

    I know your an F.E. blog but would be good if this was for School personnel also, if you are in a position to "have a word, please can you ?"

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Binaryjam

    Unfortunately we weren’t able to extend it to school students (for lots of reasons, including the fact that only about 1/3 have an email address from their school that they can access at home, with a address).

    The method we use for school students is to work with our partners – the ones that sell licences for schools to use themselves – to offer discounts for students.

    The top 3 partners for this are RM’s Basement, Software4Students and Pugh

    On these sites you can buy a copy of Office from around £35 – which is a lot less than it would cost you in a shop.


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