A chance to get up to speed – with Steve Ballmer in London

At the end of this month, Steve Ballmer will be in the UK, and providing the opening keynote for our UK conference “Technologies to Change your Business”. As well as the usual slew of new product announcements, I noticed that Microsoft Research will be showing off some of the future technologies. At many events, these can make the highlights, as the team from Cambridge (and elsewhere globally) talk about what’s going on behind the closed doors of the research labs.

If you’d like to come along for the afternoon, there are still some (free!) places available – you can register on the links below

image“The fifth [computing] revolution is about more than personal empowerment and social interaction; we literally will get the tools to help us better understand and address global issues that affect billions of people, including education, healthcare, science, and environmental change.”
CeBIT, March 3, 2008

Technologies to Change Your Business:  How Customers Are Implementing Tomorrow’s Strategies Today

The Microsoft Launch Event for IT Managers & Executives with Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft and Chris Ingle, Consulting & Research Director, IDC

12.30pm – 5pm.  1 October 2008.  Royal Festival Hall South Bank Complex

Some organisations see new products as an incremental improvement to what they do today – others look for the opportunity to make a step change in the way they deliver services & value to customers.  IT initiatives such as virtualisation, consolidation & hosted services are not in themselves new, and yet many customers still only scratch the surface of their potential – few are yet to embrace these strategies and use them extensively to deliver new value. 

At the upcoming launch event, “Technologies to Change your Business”, we will not only be introducing the latest in the line up of Server technologies from Microsoft, Hyper-V and SQL Server 2008, but more importantly, showcasing customers who are taking these products and using them as the catalyst for significant change in their business. Additionally, we will be showcasing some of the future emerging technologies to come from Microsoft Research.


12:15 Registration and Lunch
13:00 Introduction – Martin Veitch, CIO Magazine
13:15 Opening Keynote by Steve Ballmer: Microsoft's Vision for Software Delivered as a Service
14:00 Taking Virtualisation to the Next Level: Achieving a Dynamic IT Infrastructure.
           Bruce Lynn, Microsoft
14:40 Virtualisation vNext: Customer Case Study and Q&A
15:00 Break
15:30 Planning for the next wave of Technologies: Chris Ingle, IDC
16:00 From Database to Data Platform. Delivering New Value to the Business.
          Keith Burns and Andrew Fryer, Microsoft
16:30 Deriving New Value from Data and SQL Server 2008: Customer Case Study and Q&A
16:50 Summary
17:00 Close

Register Now to join us for an afternoon of innovation, debate & insight as we launch the next wave of technologies to help you deliver new value to your organisation.

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