Ultimate Steal – Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man

Whoops – when I wrote about the Ultimate Steal (Office 2007 Ultimate Edition for £38.95, only for students) I said it was open to all UK students who have a .ac.uk email address (and staff too).

Of course, I’d forgotten something – we have also added Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man students and staff from the beginning this year.

So that means if you’re a student or staff member, and you meet the criteria (including having an email address that ends in '.ac.im', '.ac.gg', '.ac.je') then you’re in – part of the merry Ultimate Steal band!

(I was reminded about this as I packed my suitcase for a trip to Jersey tomorrow. Normally, a trip to Jersey in September is nice and summery – but not this year I think!)

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