Timetabling at Sussex Downs College

Tribal's ebs, a web-based student record and management system, is capable of managing the entire student lifecycle, from course marketing to examinations and timetables. And it’s currently used by more than 150 learning providers. You might be familiar with ebs, and some of the other systems that are there to help manage student records in colleges. But do you know how they are created?

Tribal worked with our development team recently to produce a case study on the new timetabling module development in ebs. The main aim of the case study was to show other programmers and developers what’s possible (hence, the quotes like “Presentation Foundation has such a great abstraction between the user experience and the business logic within the application.”)

But the case study also makes an interesting insight into Tribal’s relationship with their customers, and the way that benefited Sussex Downs College, one of them.

Tracey Adams, Management Information Officer at Sussex Downs College, says in the case study:

FirstquotesEBS worked well as the basis of our management information system. But when we heard that Tribal was planning to upgrade the timetabling component, we were able to get involved at the early stages of developmentEndquotes as part of its early adopter programme. It was very useful to have the ear of the developers during this process and to be able to make suggestions as the product was being developed. We could tell them how the product was being used and what might be the requirements.

And as a result, the resulting upgrade to ebs meant that:

  • Staff immediately see clashes in scheduling and manage timetables easily.
  • Tutors access exam, course, and student timetables, and track attendance records.
  • Tutors and administrators interact with a graphically appealing system that is more user friendly.

You can read more about the project on our worldwide case studies website

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