Unlock funding by helping your college achieve the ‘Training Quality Standard’

Colleges are having to adapt to changes in the way workforce training is funded by the Govern ment, to ensure that they get certified in the Training Quality Standard (TQS) .  The TQS will have a major impact on colleges, as you could be in direct competition for funding with private sector training organisations, with funding decided by how well you are perceived to serve the employer community. 

To achieve TQS certification, colleges you have to prove that you're responsive, high-quality providers, responding to employers within set time frames and keeping accurate records of all interactions with them.  One way that this can easily be achieved is with a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place. To help you with your planning for this, we're running a seminar in partnership with Morse and Barnfield College at our office in Reading on 21st May.

Barnfield College is a remarkable sucess story.  Rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, it is one of the best performing colleges in the UK in terms of its students’ achievements.  Teresa Frith, Director of Business Development at Barnfield College, will be presenting at the seminar, sharing how they have used CRM to help with their employer relationship management.

At the AOC Conference this week, there's been a lot of talk about changes needed to meet the continually rising expectations of students - and so the work that Barnfield have done with their CRM for student relationship management will be interesting too.

Even better, we've packed it all in to an that agenda runs from 11:30-3:3, so you've got time to get to here and away without ruining your home life!

The seminar's free, it's on Wednesday 21st May 2008 at the Microsoft Campus in Reading and you can register now at www.morse.com/fe

I'll see you there (yes, I'm on the agenda too - but don't let that put you off!)

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